Buy CBXE Tokens and Start earning BTC daily

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Buy CBXE Tokens and Start earning BTC daily

Cryptobulls Exchange brings you a new platform where you can trade all types of cryptocurrencies in a highly secured environment that protects your transaction from fraudent activities.

Cryptobulls Exchange is the most simple to utilize application for purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies. A normal individual who needs to buy or sell cryptocurrency from Bitcoin to RCOH as a speculation does not require the specialized know-hows of setting up a mineworker or getting into complex multi-coin trades, he can just login at our exchange and start transacting. 


The Exchange has now come forth with the retail sale of their CBXE tokens.

With this amazing opportunity you can avail the following benefits right their sitting in your home.

·    No limit purchase of CBXE tokens

·    Minimum purchase 500 USD

·    CBXE projected to be 500 USD in next 6 months

·   1 CBXE now at 3 USD

·   Double Price buy back guarantee in 4 months

·  Every CBXE token holder is awarded profit based upon the transaction fees charged by exchange on every trade over our Exchange.


To explain the last benefit here is an example: 

Let’s assume you purchase 1.2 million tokens, that come out to be 10% of 12 million total tokens. This means with 10 % holding of CBXE tokens you become a 10% partner of profit share in company.

Now, you will earn 10% of transaction fees of every trade done on exchange daily as your bitcoin earning.

So, buy your set of CBXE tokens now and start earning BTC everyday, even if you dont refer or trade at our platform. 

Visit and start an unforgettable experience of trading in cryptocurrencies.