Cryptobulls Exchange guides you to earn and claim rewards with Newly arrived Bounty Program

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Cryptobulls Exchange guides you to earn and claim rewards with Newly arrived Bounty Program

Since from the point of introduction, Cryptobulls Exchange has held security as one of its best concerns. As acquiring great amount of honour in the field of crypto market one of the best crypto trading platform Cryptobulls Exchange never fails in giving surprises and bringing new programs for lovers of trading.

The purpose behind Cryptobulls Bounty Program is to be proactive about security by giving a redirect to security masters in the system and to offer free rewards by following the directed details required in order to claim rewards.


In the bounty program, they offer computerized cash as an end-result of progression, if their ICO is a win. This infers the portion isn't guaranteed. The portion is formed by the ICO accomplishment. This takes after more to an endeavor than to a redistributing work.

Now as it is true that CBXE turned STO which means that now CBXE is still an ICO but now will be regulated. With STO CBXE no association will require to find founders to raise money as tokens get support with specific assets.


CBXE will offer legal rights to everyone which means that investors will be fully secure even the assets gets stolen. More over CBXE has already organized in well defined manner which is in high demand as its utility, liquidity keeps on increasing on higher rate.

Now here is your chance to win win 5 CBXE per week if perfectly you succeed as per the prescribed authorized information that clears all your confusions.

Claim Bounty on Twitter…How ?

Consider the following info for earnign Rewards :

  1. 250-749 followers: 1 CBXE for 1 retweet per day ?for 7 days
  2. 750-1499 followers: 2 CBXE for 1 retweet per day ?for 7 days
  3. 1500-9999 followers: 4 CBXE for 1 retweet per day ?for 7 days
  4. 10.000+ followers: 6 CBXE for 1 retweet per day ?for 7 days


The Maximum range can be of 4 retweets per day, and 20 retweets per week. 

Major Guidelines to keep in Mind

  1. Make sure to Follow Cryptobulls on Twitter:
  2. Create a post under the "Discussions" tab above with a link to your Twitter profile and number of followers
  3. Report all your tweets/retweets in the discussion
  4. Your twitter audit ( score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
  5. None of the twitter followers will be updated after having registered in the campaign


Terms and Conditions for Participating in Bounty Campaign

  1. Total participants stakes will be distributed weekly. CHECK YOUR EMAIL every Friday 12:00 P.M. to find out how many CBXE you have earned so far!!!
  2. Note that you must register to receive your CBXE coins. You will not be able to get your CBXE until you properly register.
  3. Regarding any further bounty questions, please mail us at
  4. In order to participate in Bounty Program All participants must join our Telegram channel @cbxe_exchange
  5. We reserve to eliminate any participants that we find cheating or being dishonest with his/her work.
  6. We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
  7. Participants with Red trust will be rejected from the bounty.

We regard each and everyone who needs to spread information about Encrypt adventure in crypto-organize as wide as possible by clinging to the essential rules in this post. You can appreciate our campaign. To get the bounty redress, you'll have to complete all errands in demonstrated time and according to the principles.