Cryptobulls Exchange Brings Telegram Bounty Program

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Cryptobulls Exchange Brings Telegram Bounty Program

Consistently, a great many thoughts enter the market with an exact moment contrast in their ideas and that is the reason Cryptobulls Exchange has arrived. We accompany an expect to give better highlights and better open doors for dealers and it will make a climate of the utmost secure trading atmosphere.

Bounties are composed on Blockchain applications making a design to handle a broad assortment of digitalized irregular direct.

Digital forms of money fundamental system offer various charming controllers. Though numerous rewards are intended for the explicit finishing, such sort of part is exceedingly valued.

For example, venture allocations where the forthcoming for learned makers hold an inspiring objective, an appreciation for digital forms of money in such way have an extraordinary efficiency and couple of vulnerabilities. Finish achievement can be other fulfilling measurements.

Bounties dispatched in a couple of moments seconds for any person that has made a significant meaning for managing any sort of intricacies at a usage organize.

General Rules

We respect each and everybody who needs to spread data about Cryptobulls venture in crypto-network as wide as conceivable by adhering to the flexible directions of this program. You can take part in any one or every one of our campaigns.

To get the bounty to remunerate, you'll need to finish all undertakings in indicated time and as per the principles.

What needs to follow in order to get started with Cryptobulls Exchange Telegram Bounty Program?

Everyone has to go through the organized regulations in order to succeed further for availing guarantee benefits.


1. Steps to follow

  1. Fill the online form for bounty program at
  2. Join Cryptobulls telegram group @cbxe_exchange.
  3. Share 1 Media link from ( in your channels/groups.
  4. 2 telegram posts from Cryptobulls telegram group in your channels/groups.
  5. Post content must contain a link to and telegram group link @cbxe_exchange.
  6. Share a screenshot of shared posts at or at @cbxebountyin telegram.
  7. The post has to be shared in a minimum of 2 groups/channels for 7 days regularly.
  8. Halfway left bounty will not be considered

2. Rules of Telegram bounty

  1. The rewards will be calculated as per the sum of total followers of groups/channels where posts are shared.
  2. The rewards can be multiplied by multiplying the number of posts shared and increasing no. of groups/channels post is being shared.
  3. To check the Rewards received, register at register and check "My CBXE Holdings"
  4. Rewards will be distributed every Monday

3. Rewards

  • 0-999 followers will allow earning 10 CBXE
  • 1000-2,499 followers let in obtaining 25 CBXE
  • 2,499-4,999 followers result in getting 50 CBXE
  • 5,000-9,999 followers will outcome in gaining 75 CBXE
  • 10,000+ followers will result in acquiring 100 CBXE

Keep in mind the Terms and Conditions

  • Note that you must register to receive your CBXE coins. You will not be able to get your CBXE until you properly register.
  • Regarding any further bounty questions, please mail us at
  • We reserve to eliminate any participants that we find cheating or being dishonest with his/her work.
  • We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
  • Participants with Red trust will be rejected from the bounty.