Deposit without Withdrawal to Earn Extra BTC

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Deposit without Withdrawal to Earn Extra BTC

Another route is to execute an exchange in Bitcoins. It can be an offer of the products or administrations offered by us, for which we will acknowledge the charge in computerized coins.   

As of not long ago, it was conceivable to begin trading in bitcoin. Sadly now, you must have great learning of how to earn bitcoin but an extra percentage only with trading and a normal offering isn't sufficient.   

Yes, a very real and authentic program is here for all crypto traders. Now allow your BTC work your way. Avail upto15% by reserving your trading profit and depositing BTC and trading for 30 days.  

You have to deposit BTC and trade for one month. Let it be the deposit and no need to withdraw. On completion Cryptobulls Exchange will give 15% profit for example: if you deposit 1 BTC for 1 month you will get 1.5 BTC as a return benefit.  

This is likely the speediest and least demanding approach to profit utilizing bitcoin. Much the same as the standard trade, Bitcoin exchanging requires minimal effort buys and deals amid the cost increment.   

To begin exchanging, you need to set up a trade account and after that store yours assets into it. When you have set up your account, you can screen the exchanging market in your board.   Get the best administration for the crypto world and unforgettable trading experience only with Cryptobulls Exchange.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Min balance to maintain .50 BTC
  2. Holding period for withdraw  30 days
  3. Coins eligible for trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin cash, Dash



How to trade with cryptic coin at Cryptobulls Exchange 

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