Earn 3% BTC, ETH with unique referral program from Cryptobulls Exchange

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Earn 3% BTC, ETH with unique referral program from Cryptobulls Exchange

 Earning the 3% profit on BTC, ETH storage

The written line is right to the core of 100%. Now the best reputed bitcoin exchange that is Cryptobulls Exchange which is outlined to start exchanges with toughest security surroundings gets you their one of a kind referral program.

The unlike offering attracts clients to avail 3% bitcoin and Ethereum when your referral account stores or deposits bitcoin and Ethereum for exchanging at Cryptobulls Exchange.

The Process

1. Your friend registers at the exchange through your unique referral code. (www.cryptobulls.exchange/register)

2. Your friend deposits bitcoins worth 10000 USD. As soon as the deposit is processed, your wallet will automatically receive BTC worth 3% of the deposited bitcoins.

3. Each time your referral deposits BTC or ETH in their wallet, you will receive 3% BTC, ETH instantly.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This is valid only for BTC and ETH deposits.
  2. Any fake transactions or deposits will not be entertained.
  3. The exchange holds all rights to disqualify any fraudulent transactions.

Rather than fiat money, cryptocurrencies have no regulatory body (national bank or state foundation), centering to accomplish a particular component of liquidity, oblige itself or conceivably others to recognize portions in advanced monetary forms or misleadingly lessen its motivating force through additional radiations.

Computerized cash is electronic cash by definition, not a commitment duty of the benefactor, which remembers them from standard electronic cash and non-cash portions. Cryptobulls Exchange is just build with the motive of bringing the best services and top class administration to every trader present in the world.