How to trade with cryptic coin at cryptobulls exchange

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How to trade with cryptic coin at cryptobulls exchange

Here comes a great news for all cryptic coin holders. Cryptic coin gets listed on its first exchange i.e. . After offering the stage of freeCO, it is now available for exchange with BITCOINS.

Cryptic coin hopes to change the way in which people utilizes cryptocurrencies. It relies upon blockchain developments and effects on the features that this advancement secures demand to give the best help of its customers.

The biggest asset of crypptic coin is the use of the ZeroCash protocol for privacy which means that neither the transacting parties, nor the transacted amount are revealed..Here are the most adaptable steps one can follow in order to get engage in process of cryptic btc trade..

Here you go:

1. Register at Cryptobulls Exchange and get your KYC approved.

2. Find your BTC address within Cryptobulls Exchange,

3. Copy paste that address into the coinbase field "send btc to".

4. Do a test of a small amount of btc from coinbase to Cryptobulls.excahnge and wait till it arrives, if that is done transfer amount you want to trade on Cryptobulls exchange.

5. Once you processed your btc/cryp transfer that amount to the cryp wallet.

6. Go to your cryp wallet and copy the public address there and copy paste it into the withdrawl of cryp to cryp wallet

7. Repeat step 4.

8. Make a backup of your cryp wallet and store it on a brand new USB stick or hard drive for hodling or save keeping.

Record your bitcoins in the most highly secruable approach today with one of the best superior crypto trading platform Cryptobulls Exchange. Just a few simple steps and your cryptic coins are ready to be traded in BTC-cryptic pair.

Cryptobulls Exchange is a smart trading platform which provides you an hassle free trading experience. We at Cryptobulls Exchange understand the efforts of new Coins and Ico’s to get listed on exchanges, so we invite all new ICO and coins to list on our exchange at nominal costs.