Twitter to Telegram Bounty Programs all at one place with Cryptobulls Exchange

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Twitter to Telegram Bounty Programs all at one place with Cryptobulls Exchange

Reliably, a considerable number of contemplations enter the market with a correct minute complexity in their thoughts and that is the reason Cryptobulls Exchange has established. We go with a hope to give attractive features and advanced open entryways for merchants and it will make secure exchanging air.

Bounties are created on Blockchain requests  making a structure to deal with an expansive grouping of digitalized unpredictable happenings.

Computerized types of cash principal framework gives different  enchanting remoters. Whether the fact that various prizes are planned for the express completing, such kind of regulations are exceedingly esteemed.

A Bounty program is genuinely not a plan that will fit-all security game plan which will work for every association, in any case, it might be a fantastic course for gatherings to edit their approach for managing attacker-defender components while collaborating with talented software engineers.

Exactly when defenselessness prizes are planned to modify the investigator, architect, and techincal gather rousing powers, it becomes a valuable resource which moves the advancement of assurity agenda.

As the time changes so does the offerings of every association and being the best crypto trading platform Cryptobulls Exchange presents you Twitter & Telegram Bounty Programs.

Maintaing the suitable safe surroundings is a systematic effort, and we are happy to have a vivacious social occasion of expertise who comes forward and place their chance to empower us for covering major programs.

For availing the bounty so that it compensate, you'll have to complete all endeavors in showed time and according to the standards.

Everybody needs to experience the sorted out directions with the end goal to succeed further to profit ensure benefits.

What requirements to follow with the end goal, to begin with, Cryptobulls Exchange Twitter & Telegram Bounty Program?

Follow the above procedure and consider all the details carefully in order to get associated with Bounty Programs.

Twitter Bounty Program Guide

1. Steps to follow

  1. Fill the online form for bounty program at
  2. Follow Cryptobulls on twitter @crypto_bulls .
  3. Like 10 posts of @crypto_bulls .
  4. Retweet 4 posts of @crypto_bulls and 1 post with Cryptobulls Media Coverage from ( Tag 10 followers in each post.
  5. Retweet content in each post must contain a link to
  6. Follow the steps for 7 days. Half way left Bounty will not be considered.
  7. Minimum followers required for bounty 50

2. Rules of twitter bounty

  1. Your twitter audit ( score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
  2. Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign.
  3. The rewards can be multiplied by retweeting from multiple accounts. Each account has to be registered under Cryptobulls Bounty Program
  4. To check the Rewards received, register at and check "My CBXE Holdings"
  5. Rewards will be distributed every Monday

3. Rewards

  • 50-499 followers result in earning 5 CBXE
  • 500-999 followers result in gaining 10 CBXE
  • 1K-4999 followers result in availing 25 CBXE
  • 5K-9999 followers result in obtaining 50 CBXE
  • 10,000+ followers result in acquiring 100 CBXE

Telegram Bounty Program Guide

1. Steps to follow

  1. Fill the online form for bounty program at
  2. Join Cryptobulls telegram group @cbxe_exchange.
  3. Share 1 Media link from ( in your channels/groups.
  4. 2 telegram posts from Cryptobulls telegram group in your channels/groups.
  5. Post content must contain a link to and telegram group link @cbxe_exchange.
  6. Share a screenshot of shared posts at or at @cbxebountyin telegram.
  7. The post has to be shared in a minimum of 2 groups/channels for 7 days regularly.
  8. Halfway left bounty will not be considered

2. Rules of Telegram bounty

  1. The rewards will be calculated as per the sum of total followers of groups/channels where posts are shared.
  2. The rewards can be multiplied by multiplying the number of posts shared and increasing no. of groups/channels post is being shared.
  3. To check the Rewards received, register at and check "My CBXE Holdings"
  4. Rewards will be distributed every Monday

3. Rewards

  • 0-999 followers will allow earning 10 CBXE
  • 1000-2,499 followers let in obtaining 25 CBXE
  • 2,499-4,999 followers result in getting 50 CBXE
  • 5,000-9,999 followers will outcome in gaining 75 CBXE
  • 10,000+ followers will result in acquiring 100 CBXE

Follow the Terms and Conditions as well.

  1. Note that you must register to receive your CBXE coins. You will not be able to get your CBXE until you properly register.
  2. Regarding any further bounty questions, please mail us at
  3. We reserve to eliminate any participants that we find cheating or being dishonest with his/her work.
  4. We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
  5. Participants with Red trust will be rejected from the bounty.

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