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Cryptobulls Coin (CBXE)

[ an all new Security Token ]

Time is precious, so is CBXE


Cryptobulls Coin (abbr as CBXE) is the world's first investment instrument that gives three dimensional growth to your digital asset. Let's understand how investing with CBXE is one of the best of the investment options.

Meet Mr Jordan from Singapore who has invested in CBXE and owns 0.24 Million CBXE Tokens out of the total market cap of 12 Million CBXE Tokens. This holding accounts for 2% of the total supply.

Jordan is a regular trader and follower at Cryptobulls Exchange. So, let's understand in what ways Jordan is gaining out his investment in CBXE.

Case 1

Holding of Cryptobulls Coin (CBXE) makes you the equivalent profit partner of Cryptobulls Exchange. CBXE Security Token is an ERC20 Token with a market cap of 12 Million out of which 0.24 Million is owned by Jordan accounting for 2%.

Cryptobulls Exchange earns its profit (0.2%) upon the trading volume of the executed trades which goes in the range of 2000 to 3000 BTC in 24 hour which generates trading profits of 4 to 5 BTC in 24 hour.

Jordan, due to his 2% CBXE Holding stands to earn 2% of Cryptobulls Exchange Profit which accounts to 0.08 to 0.1 BTC approximating to USD 280 to USD 350 in 24 hours accounting for USD 3 to USD 4 in 15 minutes.

Case 2

Cryptobulls Coin (CBXE) has been launched with a market rate of USD 1.00 in the month of December 2018 and due to its high demand and its limited market cap, it is expected to gain in its NAV (Net Asset Volume) which enhances the investment of Jordan where he additionally enjoys the price gain benefits of CBXE Token.


Case 3

Being an active trader across multiple digital assets (Crypto Currencies), Jordan still wants to convert all his profit earned into different currencies to CBXE to make the most of Trading Gain benefit due to CBXE Holding.

If Jordan would have left his BTC or ETH in his wallet, he would not gain anything out of such deposits but would gain if he maintains similar deposits in CBXE and hence he converts all his Cryptos to CBXE and enjoys the three dimensional growth

Token Model

Highly secured, tradable & liquid

Name - Cryptobulls Coin
Symbol - CBXE
Token Sale Start Date - February 01, 2018
Token Sale End Date - December 15, 2018
Market Cap - 60%
Currencies Accepted - Bitcoin (BTC)
Token Standard - Ethereum, ERC-20
Token Feature - Utility Token
Token Exchange Rate - 1 CBXE = 5 USD
Planned Listing on Exchanges - December 15, 2018

Token Sale Structure

Cryptobulls Coin is 100% transparent

Fund Allocation

Development 30%
Buy Back Program 30%
Marketing & Business 20%
Operation 10%
Contingency 5%
Legal 5%

Token Sale

Token Sale 60%
Corporate Booking (upto Feb 10) @ 1.00 USD* Sold Out
CBXE Token Sale (upto Feb 11 – Mar 05) @ 1.75 USD 20%
CBXE Token Sale (upto Mar 06 – Oct 15) @ 3.00 USD 15%
Management & founders 15%
Long Term Reserve 15%
Advisors & partnerships 10%


CryptoBulls COIN - A Revolutionary Business Model

Grow Value

Grows in Value

Value growth is driven by growth of the Cryptobulls Trading Exchange platform and the number of transaction on the platform.


Backed By 24X7 Active Traders

Trading remains active 24X7 worldwide.


Tradable, Usable & Liquid

Use earned BitCoins or immediately trade and sell on the Cryptobulls Trading platform.


Highest Security

Security standards are strict in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We advocate full transparency, so if you don’t see your questions answered in our FAQ, please write to us and we’ll get back to you

A: Cryptobulls COIN (to be listed as CBXE) is one of first kind of trading exchange rewarding token where the token holder is rewarded based upon the percentage of the CBXE that he holds.

A: We accept BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & LiteCoin (LTC). You can contact our representative to fulfill your order conveniently.

A: To buy CBXE, Sign-Up to create your account and deposit BTC or LTC into the address provided in your account and initiate request to buy CBXE Tokens.

A: You will receive your booked CBXE Tokens immediately after the network has confirmed your transfer. The tokens will be transferred to your wallet address provided in your account after ICO.

A: The minimum purchase of CBXE is USD 500. Smaller contribution amounts shall be rejected.

A: All funds collected during this sale will be deposited in secured multi-sig wallets. Keys to these wallets will be held by several officers and executives of Cryptobulls COIN Team, so that all outgoing transactions will require verification by multiple trusted officers.

A: If you have contributed with BTC or LTC, you can see your token balance in your profile after logging into your account.

A: If you can't find your question, please email to the support team. When sending message to support, plese specify following information:

  • Currency you used to contribute for CBXE Tokens

  • Transaction ID of your contribution

  • Your question

Also, you can get a response on our official telegram channel.